Scholarship for Single Moms

Single MomScholarship for Single Moms from Curiel & Runion

According to their website: “At the Law Offices of Curiel & Runion, we understand how important education is for everyone, especially single mothers. It can be an uphill battle going back to school while also caring for a child, but the rewards far outweigh the obstacles. We want to support single [moms] who are going back to school by offering two $1,000 scholarships.

“To apply, write a 500+ word essay on the the advantages of going back to school after experiencing motherhood. What tools have you learned as a mother that have prepared you for the challenges you will face as a student? Defend & explain your answer.”

Contact Info: Law Office of Curiel & Runion, 4423 North 24th Street, Suite 800, Phoenix, AZ 85016; email:

Deadline: June 5

Award Amount: $1,000 (2 awarded)

Eligibility: Female; mother who is going back to school; enrolled at an accredited high school, college, or university in the US; maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA

Requirements: Essay, Unofficial Transcript (no application required)

Have you ever done an internet search for scholarships for single moms? If so, then you found 197,000 results! You probably got so sick and tired of weeding through contests and spam that you eventually gave up. After graduating, I went back to conduct research into legitimate scholarships for single moms, women, and nontraditional students like me. I spent 10 years delving into the world of scholarships so I could write resource books for students that contained real scholarships and links to their online applications. Check out the latest in our “Get a College Degree Without Drowning in Debt” series Scholarships for Women. For less than the cost of a pizza, you’ll find 255 scholarships you may qualify for.

Meantime, check out Curiel & Runion’s Scholarship for Single Moms. With only a simple essay required, it’s one of the easiest scholarships to apply for!