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College View is owned by Hobsons’, an “education solutions” company that is part of the UK-based Daily News and General Trust media network. It’s difficult from their website to figure out exactly what those solutions are, but it’s clear that web marketing and college-entrance test prep are part of the package. The College View site does provide lots of information about colleges (i.e., cost, number of students), which may be helpful to you in selecting a college to attend. You’ll also find articles on the admissions process, what to expect if you live on campus, and help with career choice. Finding scholarships is not the main deal here, but there is a financial aid section and a scholarship search feature.

The scholarship search link is on the Financial Aid page underneath Financial Aid Resources in the right-hand sidebar. Although it looks like you can search without registering, the last page you’ll come to will require you to sign up before getting to the results. You’ll need to enter personal and academic information, your ethnic heritage, interests, planned major, career goals, religious affiliation, clubs and organizations you participate in, and then set up a free account with your email address and password.

When we entered only basic information (such as gender, US citizenship, and state), we had 17 scholarship results—certainly not a spectacular return for the labor. We went back and filled in all pertinent information that we could and got 33 results. The scholarships list indicates the deadline date and award amount. Clicking on a specific scholarship will open a new window that outlines the eligibility requirements, contact information, and website link. You can save whatever scholarships you’re interested in to your “Favorites” folder.

Nearly the entire list of scholarships we got consisted of contests and scholarship drawings. There wasn’t one listing that we hadn’t seen over and over again on other sites. In tiny letters under the search results was the note “powered by SuperCollege“ (which we review in our book “How to Find Scholarships Online“). With this bit of information in hand, we weren’t surprised by the mediocre results.

If we had to pick and choose which search engines were most helpful in terms of energy spent and information divulged versus useful scholarship returns, College View wouldn’t be on the list. For scholarships, give this site a miss. Your time is better spent elsewhere unless you want to use the site’s other college-related resources.

We give College View 2 out of 5:

2 Mortar Board Rating




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