Career One Stop Site Review

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Sponsored by the US Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration, the Career One Stop scholarship search allows users to search

more than 5,000 scholarships, fellowships, loans, and other financial aid opportunities.

Begin by locating “Scholarship Search” link in the “Career Tools Information” box. The scholarship search engine allows you to conduct a search using keywords (click on the “Search by Keyword” tab in the left sidebar) or by “Category Search.” When using the Category Search, you can choose the “Award Type,” “Residential Preferences,” “Study Level,” and “Affiliation Restrictions.” We ran a search using “Scholarship” as the Award Type, “No Residential Preference” for Residential Preference, “Undergraduate” for Study Level, and “Female” for Affiliation Restrictions. We clicked the NEXT button and had 0 results returned. We went back, hit the CLEAR ALL button, and reran our search using “Scholarships” for Award Type and “Female” for Affiliation Restrictions. This returned 64 results. Each result provided a link and a general description of the scholarship and eligibility requirements. When we clicked on the scholarship name, it brought up a new page of detailed information on that scholarship including a link to the funding organization.

We also tried the “Search by Keyword” function using “women scholarships” as our keywords and for the “Find Results that Contain:” we selected “all words.” Then we clicked the NEXT button and had 56 matching results. As always, we suggest using a variety of keywords that are very specific to you (e.g., gender, ethnicity, intended major, hobbies, activities, clubs, organizations, awards, sports you enjoy, companies your family members work for…you get the idea). The more keyword searches you run, the more scholarships you’ll find.

Overall, we found this search engine fast and easy to use. It did not require us to input loads of personal information to complete a Profile in order to conduct the search. This saves considerable time and reduces the amount of spam email.