The Scholarship Search EngineThanks to the kind folks at, we are able to share this customized Google Scholarship Search tool with you. What makes this search tool different? According to their FAQs:

“A normal Google search pulls information from their entire index of websites. This Scholarship Search Engine only pulls information from high-quality websites that were hand-selected by the staff of Google monetizes their search service using pay-per-click ads. The Scholarship Search Engine is not-for-profit, and thus shows no ads.”

We took it for a spin and found it delivered quality results. It eliminates the need to scroll through pages of sponsored ad results and dead-end contests to locate legitimate scholarships. We reviewed their website in our “Scholarship Opportunity’s Guide to the Best & Worst Scholarship Search Sites & Apps” ebook (available for free when you subscribe to our blog) and on our blog.

Google Custom Search