Immediate Scholarships Site Review

Immediate ScholarshipsImmediate Scholarships (This site appears to be down. We’re not sure if this is a temporary or permanent situation.)

Purporting to be a blend of search engine and web portal functions, we found this site to be lacking in substance. Clicking on the “Scholarships” tab, will present you with a link to another website called “” and permits you to use their search engine. However, when we clicked on this link, we were presented with the message: “Oops! We’re sorry, but the campaign you have clicked on is unavailable.”

Below that is “While you’re visiting, check out these great promotions!” Promotions (or ads) to learn a language, diagnose a slow PC, get a new car quote, receive a retail gift card, visit a job website, or sign up for a gym membership. Nothing here about scholarships! If you click on one of the ads, you will be redirected to another website called lynxtracker that simply shows you the same lame “promotions.”

The “Register Now” tab directs you to the link “Online School Match.” Again, the page message states: “The offer you selected is no longer valid or has expired. Please select another offer below.”

The “Financial Aid” tab contains no information other than reading their statement: “Our goal is to provide you with loans…” Are you looking for LOANS? Likely, not. But if you are, there are better sites to visit. We suggest you look at if you’re interested in exploring loans or you already have them.

The “Online Degree” tab directs you to a page with two links. Again, both lead to the same lynxtracker promotions described above.

We tried exploring the links running along the bottom of their Home Page. When we clicked on “Links” and tested each one, we found ourselves redirected to websites written in Chinese, websites with broken links, or contests and sweepstake sites—all red flags for us.

This site is best avoided. Aren’t you glad you read this post and didn’t waste your time at “Immediate Scholarships”?