LGBT Student Scholarship Database

LGBT Student Scholarship Database from the Human Rights CampaignLGBT Student Scholarship Database: Is it Worth a Visit? or (“Resources” Tab, “More Resources” from drop-down menu, scroll down page to “Youth & Campus” and click the “More Resources” link, and select “LGBT Student Scholarship Database”)

The LGBT Student Scholarship Database is operated by the Human Rights Campaign, a civil rights organization founded in 1980 to advocate for the rights of LGBTQ Americans. HRC has an impressive list of celebrity supporters. Its site provides many resources for the LGBTQ community including a search feature for LGBTQ-specific scholarships.

We could find no links on the HRC site to the scholarship search page, although the URL suggests it’s in the Resources section. If you can’t locate a link, the above URL will take you directly to the search page.

The search feature is very simple. You can search for National scholarships or scholarships by state. Once you have your search results, you can see All Scholarships, Statewide Scholarships, or Individual School Scholarships. Each listing gives you a link to the scholarship sponsor’s site and often the scholarship application page, a brief description of eligibility requirements, and contact information. Searching for national scholarships returned 56 results. The scholarship returns by state are a little more spare, but will often produce 5 or 6 scholarships worth looking at.

There isn’t anything fancy here, just lists of quality scholarships aimed at students participating in the LGBTQ community. If you’re looking for a scholarship in this category, a visit to this site is well worth your time.

We rate the LGBT Student Scholarship Database 5 out of 5:

5 Mortar Board Rating