If You’re Looking for Scholarship Leads, You Can Skip this Site

CollegeWeek LiveFinding Scholarships on CollegeWeek Live


CollegeWeek Live seems to be primarily in the business of “virtual events” for college open houses, recruiting events, and live chats with college representatives. From the get-go, a pop-up screen presses you to sign up, even before you see the site. CollegeWeek Live is owned and operated by PlatformQ, LLC, a digital media company formed in 2007 that produces online events on CollegeWeek Live and a number of other sites that are primarily healthcare related.

The “Scholarships” tab takes you to a page with four scholarships listed. Three of them are CollegeWeek Live’s scholarships, and the other is from Buick (yes, the car people). Not much, in other words. We thought that if we signed up, maybe we’d get more. So we did.

Sign up:

  • Enter your Personal Information: name, address, and phone number. Click CONTINUE.
  • Enter your School Information: gender, birth date, high school, GPA, test scores, ethnicity, colleges you’re interested in, and major. Click CONTINUE.
  • Enter other information required. Click FINISH.

You’re taken to a Congratulations! page and will need to log in. Once you log in, you’ll find yourself on a page with an image of a trade show booth with a TV screen. If you click on a college, you’ll get a video introducing that college. We clicked on the “Scholarships” tab at the top of the page. What you get is a pop-up screen on top of the Trade Show page with a list of scholarships, the award amount, and the school sponsoring that scholarship. Most of the scholarships on the list do appear to be school-based scholarships, and the only link provided for each scholarship brings you back to the Trade Show page and starts up the video clip about that school—with no scholarship information. There’s no targeted college information on any of these pages either. So what was all the information sharing for?

If you’re involved in searching for your dream school, CollegeWeek Live, although perhaps a little limited in scope, looks like an interesting and different way to approach your college search. If you’re looking for scholarship leads, however, you can skip this site altogether. There’s really nothing for you here.

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We give CollegeWeek Live 1 out of 5:

1 Mortar Board Rating