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Cappex Site ReviewCappex

From all appearances, Cappex seems to be its own entity, with boards of directors and advisors, and not owned by a large education-oriented corporation. As well as scholarship information, you can explore and apply for colleges, calculate your admission changes, and plan trips to visit the colleges on your list of potentials.

To gain access to the information on the Cappex website, you will need to create a Student Profile or sign up with Facebook. We suggest you complete the profile and leave your social media accounts separate from your scholarship research efforts.

Search for Scholarships:

  • Click on the START NOW button
  • Enter your current educational status, your email address, and then set up a password.
  • Fill out the contact information required (those items with a red asterisk)
  • Click the CONTINUE button
  • Enter your academic background information
  • Click the CONTINUE button
  • Enter your college preferences
  • Click the CONTINUE button
  • Click on My Scholarships on the Student Dashboard page

When searching for scholarships for women, our Student Profile gave us 48 scholarship matches. The list details the award amount, application deadline, how much effort the application will take, how much competition you’ll have for the scholarship, and a way to mark the listing as “maybe,” “not eligible,” “applied for,” “won,” etc. Your entries here will determine your Scholarship List. The individual scholarship entries supply such information as a scholarship overview, ease of application, what the competition will be like, award amount, application deadline, requirements, and contact information. Clicking on the other tabs on the Scholarships page will give you a few additional scholarship choices. However, we feel the Scholarship Matches list is the best use of your valuable time.

Cappex isn’t the most informative and useful site we’ve seen, given the information required, but it certainly isn’t the worst. There’s some good information here and you might come across some scholarships that you haven’t seen elsewhere.

Overall, we rate Cappex 3 out of 5:

3 Mortar Board Rating


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