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Adventures in Education Site ReviewAdventures in Education

Adventures in Education is run by The Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation (TG), a nonprofit company that also administers and supports outstanding FFELP student loans for the federal government. The company also provides information and services to help students with their college education.

The AIE site incorporates many subjects that fledgling college students and their parents will find invaluable, including planning and paying for college, finding a career, and managing your money.  If you click on the tab “Paying for College” in the left-hand sidebar, you will be provided with a wealth of information such as calculating cost of attendance, financial aid topics including scholarship and grant information, applying for financial aid, FAFSA info center, finance tools, loan repayment calculators, and post-graduation loan advice.

Search for Scholarships:

  • Find the “Top Questions” heading on the left-hand sidebar
  • Select the “Where can I find scholarships or grants” link
  • Type in your keywords in the keyword search box

This link will send you to a keyword search on the Adventures in Education website. You can type in any search terms (keywords) you can think of. For example, you might wish to search by career field or major. You can search by state or by the name of a college. Running multiple keyword searches is strongly recommended. You can use multiple words in your search to narrow the focus, and you can browse the entire scholarship list one at a time by clicking on “scholarship list” on the Scholarship Search page. (The links to the previous and next scholarships are at the bottom of the individual scholarship pages.)

We conducted a keyword search using “women” and had 207 matches, but when we searched for “female,” it returned 200 matches. Although other eligibility requirements usually applied with these scholarships and the scholarships weren’t highly targeted, this is a nice return for a site that doesn’t require you to spend a lot of time filling in forms to create a Student Profile.

Note: This is one of a number of sites that use the Wintergreen Orchard House database. You may see some crossover in the results of your scholarship search between these sites.

Overall, we rate AIE 3 1/2 out of 5:

Mortar Board Rating


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