Women’s Independence Scholarship Program

WISP Women's Independence Scholarship ProgramWomen’s Independence Scholarship Program (WISP)

http://www.wispinc.org/Programs/WISP/tabid/62/Default.aspx or http://www.wispinc.org/ (“Programs” Tab and “WISP” Link)

Contact Info: Women’s Independence Scholarship Program, Inc., 4900 Randall Parkway, Suite H, Wilmington, NC 28403; phone: 866.255.7742 or 910.397.7742; email links: http://www.wispinc.org/Contact/tabid/61/Default.aspx

Deadline: No Deadline (Application must be received 2 months before the start date of your program)

Award Amount: Average is $2,000 per semester (Renewable)

Eligibility: A woman who has survived intimate partner abuse and has been separated from their abuser minimum of one year; US citizen or Legal Resident; has applied to or is officially accepted to a US college or university; demonstrates financial need; has sought services from a non-profit domestic violence agency for a minimum of 6 consecutive months and this agency is willing to act as sponsor by mentoring and providing support to the student throughout her education. For more info, see: http://www.wispinc.org/WISPFAQs/tabid/65/Default.aspx

Requirements: Online Application, Federal Tax Returns for the last 2 years, Personal Narrative, Sponsorship Form, Authorization for Release of Information Form, 3 References, School Invoice, Financial Aid Award Letter from your school, and Academic Plan

Application Link: http://apply.wispinc.org/