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You can begin to work with this scholarship search engine by clicking on the “Directory” tab at the far right. You’ll see a drop-down menu with scholarship categories such as scholarships by state, city, college, disability, sports, special circumstances, military, year of study, corporate, race/minority, ethnicity, academic major, women, activities, clubs, and religion. This is a quick way to cut right to scholarships you’re interested in without having to complete a Profile or register (or so we thought). We chose “Scholarships for Women” and were presented with basic information and a list of scholarships with links. When we selected a scholarship link, a pop-up window opened telling us to register. The details of the scholarship are in “preview mode” which means there are no links to the actual scholarship or the sponsoring organization’s website. Back to the drawing board…

Begin your registration process by clicking on the “Scholarships” tab (just above the “Directory” tab). This takes you to the “Scholarships–Sign Up” page where you’ll enter your email address, set up a password, and provide your name, address, and phone number (all required). Keep in mind that by providing this information, you will likely receive unsolicited emails and telephone calls. However, their Terms of Service state that you must use your actual data and keep it up to date in order to use their service. Below the fields for your personal data is a box that is automatically checked. Uncheck this box if you do not want to be contacted by SchoolSoup’s partners and affiliates. Make sure the second box is also unchecked or you will be consenting to be called by an “advisor” to “discuss educational opportunities.” Click CONTINUE.

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