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Scholarship MonkeySearching for Scholarships with Scholarship Monkey

We were asked to re-review the newly revamped site, since our last review indicated that the previous site was broken. The address has changed to the one mentioned above, and sure enough, Scholarship Monkey has morphed into a clean, professional-looking site. In our last go-round, we stated that Scholarship Monkey was operated by the Student Loan Finance Corporation, an iHELP student-loan servicing company working with the Independent Community Bankers of America, holders of the loans. Now, however, there is no sign at all of who’s backing this site with no contact information of any kind in sight.

The Home page features three ways to search (scholarship lists, keywords, and a personalized search), a section of the “latest” scholarships (all five of which are contests or surveys from the “usual suspects” and look very much like ads), and two “Glowing Endorsements” (one of which states simply “ditto”) from two young ladies who look enough alike to be twins. But the feel of the page is very sleek and nicely done.

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