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FindTuitionFindTuition: Scholarship search engine or data collection company? is run by All Campus, LLC, a higher education marketing company. Among the things they do is conduct student surveys. After trying to get scholarship information from, we believe this is exactly what this website represents—a survey that you are required to take before being directed to another, affiliated site for your search.

You’re asked to provide your name, high school graduation year, email address, ZIP code, phone number, physical address, and The Basics (a CollegeXpress page). After clicking JOIN, you’re asked for personal and academic data, information about college choices, and major. You’ll also need to click through the ads.

After filling in information on the FindTuition site, you are redirected to CollegeXpress where you’re required to fill in the same information again, plus more. After all that work, we had no scholarships returned. We were taken to the CollegeXpress’ keyword/category search (see that entry for more information on this search feature).

This site is a waste of time. It gives no information, no way to navigate around until you fill out their forms, and then the site vanishes and their affiliated search site appears. You might as well go straight to CollegeXpress and only have to struggle through all the information-sharing once to get limited to meager information.

Note: This site uses the CollegeXpress Keyword/Category search feature, which requires that you complete a Student Profile on that site as well.

Sadly, we can only give FindTuition 1 out of 5:

1 Mortar Board Rating



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FindTuition/CollegeXpress Site Review

This search engine allows you to search by eligibility, major, college, and other criteria. Begin by clicking on the START HERE button (pretty obvious, right?). The page that follows is one big ad. STOP right now and scroll down to the very bottom of the page. Do you see the link for “opt-out” in tiny print? Click on that link (you will remain on the same page). In the “Find Tuition Communication Preferences” box at the bottom of the page, you may wish to leave the first box checked so you can receive updates on your account and new scholarship notifications. Uncheck the second box if you don’t want to be contacted by “marketing partners.” The scholarship programs and colleges contained in the second email notification box will be informed if you apply for one of their scholarships anyway. By unchecking this second box, you are unlikely to miss any information relevant to your scholarship applications. Funding organizations will contact you directly using the information you provide in your application.

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