CollegiateFunding/Club Scholarship Site Review

Collegiate Funding LogoCollegiateFunding (Club Scholarship) or (These links are currently not working. We will continue to update this post with new information as it becomes available.)

With the big, FIND YOUR SCHOOL NOW! button on every page, Collegiate Funding seems mainly geared toward college searches. On their Home Page in the right-hand column, however, is a list of 25 scholarships including links to the funding organizations’ websites. At the bottom of this list is a “View More” link that presents a list of 90 scholarships and grants, complete with information on the scholarships and links to their organizations’ websites.

If you click on the “Scholarships” tab at the top of the page, you’re taken to a page containing several paragraphs of very general scholarship information and an article about an unusual college funding opportunity for the students of New Haven, Connecticut. Under this article is a link that reads “Once we have your questionnaire, Collegiate Funding can help you locate the particular scholarships for which you may qualify and guide you in the process of making your application.” Clicking on this link will send you back to the top of the same page to the FIND YOUR SCHOOL NOW! button.

When we clicked on that button, we were taken to a “Student Survey” where we were required to give our name, email and street address, phone number, and birth date in order to receive our “free report in minutes!”

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