FindTuition/CollegeXpress Site Review

This search engine allows you to search by eligibility, major, college, and other criteria. Begin by clicking on the START HERE button (pretty obvious, right?). The page that follows is one big ad. STOP right now and scroll down to the very bottom of the page. Do you see the link for “opt-out” in tiny print? Click on that link (you will remain on the same page). In the “Find Tuition Communication Preferences” box at the bottom of the page, you may wish to leave the first box checked so you can receive updates on your account and new scholarship notifications. Uncheck the second box if you don’t want to be contacted by “marketing partners.” The scholarship programs and colleges contained in the second email notification box will be informed if you apply for one of their scholarships anyway. By unchecking this second box, you are unlikely to miss any information relevant to your scholarship applications. Funding organizations will contact you directly using the information you provide in your application.

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CollegeXpress Site Review


This site allows you to conduct a scholarship search with or without building a Profile. We decided to take it for a spin using both methods. Click first on “Scholarship Search” under Tools at the bottom of the page. This permits the user to search by keywords or by academic filters. We entered “Women” and clicked the SEARCH NOW button. We received 353 results that provided the scholarship name, funding organization, and deadline. Hovering over the scholarship name opens a pop-up window that provides a few scholarship details, but if you click on the scholarship name (instead of hovering), a new page opens giving all the details and links you’ll need. However, this window is obscured by the pop-up box telling you that you need to be signed into your CollegeXpress account to view the details. We clicked the big REGISTER NOW button and were sent directly to the “Complete Your Profile” page. All fields are required (note the red asterisks *). We provided our name, email, password, birth date, country, and selected student (over parent). Before you click the JOIN! Button, you can choose the “Opt-Out” link to dodge the emails from colleges and “promotions from top companies.” Even after clicking the Opt-Out link, they make one more attempt to gain your permission to contact you by email. You’ll need to uncheck the boxes as the default is set for opting-in. Make your choice then click the JOIN! button.

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