Searching SuperCollege for Scholarships




What Does SuperCollege Have for the Scholarship Hunter?

SuperCollege is another scholarship site run by Gen and Kelly Tanabe (along with MoolahSPOT and ScholarshipDetective). This site has the feel of a big ad for their numerous books on getting into college and finding scholarships (and for those of their guest experts) with mentions of their offered books on every page in addition to a dedicated Books section. Still, the site does have some good information. The Ten-Step Guides and the Ask the Experts page, while perhaps being excerpts of the material in the books, still give decent guidance on the subject at hand and may also give you an idea what you might find in the books. In other words, good advertisement for them, free advice for you.

The scholarship search feature itself is the same whether you’re an undergrad, grad, or adult student wanting to get back into school, despite the “channels.” To search, you’ll need a user name, password, and to provide your email address and student category. You’ll then be faced with a four-page “scholarship questionnaire” that asks for your basic information (name, address, phone number, gender, birth date, citizenship, and college preferences); personal stats (GPA, class rank, test scores, athletics, ethnicity, religion); majors and careers; and interests and affiliations.

The scholarship listing shows the application deadline, award amount, and rate (we’re not sure of what). Clicking on the scholarship name will bring up a detail page that also gives you the scholarship purpose, eligibility, sponsor, and a link to the sponsor’s website. You can also save any scholarships you like to your Favorites tab.

Our profile produced 42 results, the first 14 of which were “scholarships” from other scholarship search sites. Fifteen more were contests. Some of the scholarship results were targeted to our profile major, but most weren’t. This is pretty typical of all the sites run by this author team.

Our reaction to the site was “meh.” Although the site is easy to use and there’s information here that’s worth having, the scholarship search results are mediocre at best for the information sharing required. Sure, check this site out for the good information it has, but it’s unlikely you’ll find any solid scholarship leads here that you won’t find elsewhere.

We give SuperCollege 2.5 out of 5:

2 1/2 Mortar Board Rating