Student Scholarship Search Site Review

Student Scholarship Search

With a Name Like Student Scholarship Search, You’d Expect to Find a Great Resource for Scholarship Hunters…

StudentScholarshipSearch is another site in the Edvisors’ portfolio, and is The Edvisors website scholarship search engine. In addition to the Scholarship Matcher, StudentScholarshipSearch also includes Featured Scholarships (the usual suspects), Student Lists (the usual categories), Scholarship Tips and Advice (some good information here), and My Tracker, which allows you to manage your scholarships online.

This site’s search feature doesn’t require you to create an account unless you want to save information to My Tracker. Otherwise, you’re asked to enter your current grade level, GPA, gender, and ethnic heritage, and you have a list of scholarships returned for each answer submitted, culminating in a list of scholarships that fit within all four parameters. Obviously this doesn’t give you a very focused return. (There must be a lot of white female high school juniors with a GPA of 3.6 out there looking for scholarships.) Each item listed provides a link to eligibility requirements, application deadline, award amount, link to the sponsoring organization’s website, and a comments section. The “More Scholarships Like This” list at the bottom of the page gives the same three scholarships for every entry and are three of the “scholarships” you’ll see listed on pretty much every scholarship website you go to.

For our profile, we received 18 scholarship listings for our current grade level, which went to 20 when we added GPA. Gender boosted the total to 21, and our race held it steady there. Of our 21 results, seven were contests, and many of the others listed were familiar from other websites. There may be opportunities for funding here, but you’ve probably seen them before, and they certainly aren’t going to be targeted to your needs in any meaningful way. My Tracker doesn’t add much value if there is nothing in your results to save.

StudentScholarshipSearch is easy to use, doesn’t require a lot of personal information, and you don’t even have to register if you don’t want to. Although the tips and advice section looks like it would be worth reading, there is nothing else here that’s new, and there are much better places to search for scholarships.

Overall, we give this site 2 out of 5:

2 Mortar Board Rating