With Scholarships360, You Can Jump Right into Your Scholarship Search

Scholarships360: A Fast & Easy Way to Jump Into Search for Scholarships


Go straight to the “Search for Scholarships” box on the right side of the page. Choose your grade level (“College Students,” “Graduate Students,” or “High School Students”) from the drop-down menu. Then choose the month of the scholarship deadline. Think at least one month ahead to allow ample time to complete the application process and collect the required documents (what we call your Scholarship Porfolio). Then click the SEARCH button. Of course, if you have a Scholarship Portfolio, you can apply immediately.

We selected “College Students” and “January Scholarships” and had 31 results…a very manageable number to explore in one sitting. Although the bulleted list doesn’t look like it has any links, it does. Just click on the scholarship name and you’ll learn about the award amount, eligibility, required documents, and the deadline date. In some cases, there is also a link to the funding organization’s online application.

On each scholarship detail page, you can see more links at the right under “Popular Scholarships.” You can choose links to “Fall Scholarships,” “Essay Scholarships,” “September Scholarships,” “Video Scholarships,” and “Science Scholarships.”

You can subscribe to their blog and read posts reminding you of upcoming scholarship deadlines with valuable links as well as general tips and tricks to help you rock the application process.

We found this site a fast and easy way to jump into searching for scholarships. It didn’t require a Student Profile or return a massive number of search results to wade through.

We rate Scholarships360 3 out of 5:

3 Mortar Board Rating