Scholarships for Women

Scholarships for Women“Scholarships for Women” is part of our “Get a College Degree Without Drowning in Debt” series. We wrote this ebook specifically for women undergraduate students in the US. It lists hundreds of scholarships tailored to meet your needs, along with detailed information on eligibility requirements, award amounts, number of scholarships awarded, contact information for the funding organization, required documents, and, most importantly, links to the real online applications. Organized by deadline date, it allows you to find scholarships before the deadline has passed so you’ll never miss another scholarship opportunity!

This book will save you hours tracking down legitimate scholarships, completing Student Profiles on scholarship search sites, and wading through scholarship “matches” that you may not even qualify for. The scholarships in our book are exclusively for female students (primarily undergraduates but many include graduate students). We don’t include dead-end contests to artificially inflate our scholarship numbers. That just wastes your valuable time. Instead, we urge you to avoid entering sweepstakes or contests with random drawings (which are often called, incorrectly, “scholarships”). It’s like playing the scholarship lottery and buying a ticket with your personal information. Be ready to have that information sold to marketers who will most certainly be in touch to push their product. Worst of all, they distract you from applying for genuine scholarships. We also don’t include single-school scholarships and suggest you contact your school’s Financial Aid Office or visit their website.

Undergraduate Edition, only $7.99

Graduate Edition: Coming soon!

Our goal is to give you the tools to graduate college debt free.

Not convinced you want to part with your hard-earned cash? Here’s what others are saying about this book:

“…[i]f you’re a woman headed for college, this is an invaluable resource…this book has everything you need for a successful scholarship quest. The comprehensive directory of scholarships lists, by deadline date, more than 200 links to scholarship opportunities for women…There is little more if anything you could ask for in a guide to searching and securing scholarships for your college career!”  — Betsy Blondin (Read Full Amazon Review)

“Very comprehensive handbook in guiding families through online scholarship search process and how to avoid scholarship scams. The listing of scholarship opportunities for women is really helpful. The perfect ebook for families who want to avoid financial challenges in sending their children to college.” — Parent from Ohio

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