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Once you’re on the site, look at the sidebar on the left and click on the tab “Paying for College.” There is a wealth of information on this page that would be helpful for you to review. However, to get to the search engine, select the “Where can I find scholarships or grants” link under the “Top Questions” heading in the left-hand sidebar.

This link will send you to a keyword search on the Adventures in Education website. You can type in any search terms (keywords) you can think of. For example, you might wish to search by career field or major. You can search by state or by the name of a college. Use unique keywords that describe YOU (e.g., high school student, women, first-generation student, disabled, minority, Native American, non-traditional, etc.). The more details you provide, the more scholarship results will be returned. Try using keywords such as your state, your school choices, your major, and your interests, hobbies, or activities. Running multiple keyword searches is strongly recommended. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.

We conducted a keyword search using “women” and had 205 matches, but when we searched for “female,” it returned 196 matches. Trying out different variations on your keyword can lead to valuable results. This site also provides information on planning for college, paying for college, finding a career, and managing your money.

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