Scholarship Mentor: A Feast for Hungry Scholarship Hunters

Scholarship Mentor Web Portal

Scholarship Mentor is a web portal containing links to scholarships of all kinds. There’s no indication of who runs the site or where the information comes from. But that seems to be not so much a reluctance to provide this as it is that the site doesn’t seem to be entirely active. The dated information that we came across for the most part goes back to 2011, although the Home page has a list of scholarships whose deadlines are current. In any case, you’re not required to provide any information to use this site, so even if you don’t know who’s behind the scenes, you’re not giving away personal information. You’ll also find articles about the scholarship process, getting into college, choosing a college, and others in the same vein.

The lists of scholarships on Scholarship Mentor provide a potential feast for the hungry scholarship hunter. They are generally broken out into category—fast food scholarships, science scholarships, local scholarships. There’s a list of current scholarships whose application deadline is on the immediate horizon. The essay, poster, and photography contests are even gathered into their own categories so you don’t have to pick through them if you don’t want to. The lists do tend to be narrowly focused (as one would expect) and not all-inclusive, but if you find a category that describes you, you’re in for a treat.

We liked this site. It has its limitations, certainly, and parts of it aren’t current. But most of the links still work or at least take you to the site where you can explore further. Do be sure to check the deadline dates on the sponsor site for the most current information. You won’t get made-to-order results from this site, but the information looks genuine and meaty, and we think Scholarship Mentor is worth the visit.

We rate Scholarship Mentor 3.5 out of 5:

3 1/2 Mortar Board Rating