What’s Inside Scholar Box for Scholarship Seekers?

Scholar BoxScholar Box: Worth a Peek Inside?


Scholar Box is a relatively new site, having been created in 2012 to help Utah guidance counselors find local scholarships for their students. True to that intent, Scholar Box has some great-looking tools counselors use to find and track scholarships. There’s also a learning center with some pretty decent information on scholarships—do check out the essay article. Scholar Box also offers an email five-lesson course on getting scholarships, one lesson available a day. There’s also a scholarship search feature.

To search for scholarships, you’re required to sign up with the site by supplying your name, email address, birth date, current school year, name of your high school, GPA, ethnicity, and gender. We did all that and got exactly zero results. It turns out that your school counselor needs to have been busy using the above-mentioned tools and adding scholarships to your school’s list, and then those are the only scholarships you’ll have access to. (No, you can’t skip the “school” field when you register.) So if your school counselor isn’t participating and actively building a scholarship list, you’re out of luck as far as this site goes.

FYI: A source we came across on the Net indicated that Scholar Box was currently local to Utah but seeking to go national. A site subscription fee was also mentioned. (See link below.)

Our mortarboard rating is based on the fact that you can’t really search for scholarships on this site. It provides a set of tools to be used as an online connection between counselor and student—very nice indeed, but not what we’re looking for. This should be clearly stated on the Home page before requesting any personal information.

Are you a school guidance counselor using Scholar Box? We’d love to know what your experience is!

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