Parents Countdown to College Reviews Us

Parents Countdown to College Coach

As you know, Scholarship Opportunity reviews a scholarship search site every Tuesday. We take each site through a rigorous test drive and rate them so you know which sites are worth your precious time.

Now it’s our turn to be reviewed! Suzanne Shaffer of Parents Countdown to College Coach says this about Scholarship Opportunity: “Scholarship Opportunity is another resource available for parents and students to find scholarships. What makes them unique is they have created guides that have scholarships separated into categories.”

Every Friday, Suzanne blogs about scholarship resources she thinks are valuable to parents and students. We were delighted to be included.

Don’t wait until you’re in panic mode to begin preparing a plan to fund your child’s college education. Be sure to check out her website and get her free ebook “Parents Guide to College Financing.” You might also be interested in taking a look at her “Parents Countdown to College Crash Course” to help you prepare your college-bound high school students. These and other resources make Parents Countdown to College Coach a good site to visit.