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This subject is a little off the beaten trail, but we thought we’d include it for all of you who are looking for summer jobs or internships to help pay for college or to develop the skills you need for your career. InternshipFinder, created in 2009, is owned by M&L Research, an employment specialist offering employment research in the airline, cruise, oil, Alaskan fishing, and sports industries under JobFinderSites.com. To all appearances, M&L Research is refreshingly upfront about publishing who they are and what other sites they own.

InternshipFinder has lots of information on looking for and landing an internship, with many links to internships in a variety of fields: business, media and publishing, computers and IT, engineering, nonprofit, social media, sports, entertainment, and international. The site also contains information on resumes, cover letters, interviews, and creating a proposal.

True to its name, InternshipFinder has an Internship Finder. This feature allows you to use keywords to narrow your search to your field and/or location. The job listing we got when we used our keyword and location gave us a good return but certainly wasn’t exclusive to short-term internships, and actually, our search didn’t have any internship listings that we could find. Most of the jobs on our list were for permanent, full-time employment. Try using the word “intern” in the keyword, and you should find more internship listings.

You’ll notice that InternshipFinder’s search engine is run by Simply Hired’s Job-a-matic software, and it’s probably the money maker for this site. That said, it all seems to be transparent and above board, and we really didn’t see a downside to this for internship seekers.

The information on this site seems very helpful, and the links to specific industry internships also appears to be valuable. The search engine? Not so much. It’s not that it’s bad in any way—it’s just not targeted specifically to internships, having mostly job listings for full-time, permanent positions, which most college students aren’t in the market for yet. There certainly are internships listed, but why should a dedicated internship search engine require you to use “intern” as a keyword to get the results it promises? This search engine could be a good start, but look around for better-targeted results elsewhere.

We give Internship Finder 3 out of 5:

3 Mortar Board Rating



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