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High Five Scholarships


High Five Scholarships seems to be a relatively new site, the parent company (High Five Scholarships, LLC) having been registered for business in 2011. Who is really behind the show, however, remains a question even after our Internet search. During that search, we discovered that High Five Scholarships is listed on hundreds of high school guidance department web pages with basically the same wording. Why so many? Good marketing? We’re just not sure.

The site has a scholarship search feature (for which you must register), a GPA Protection Plan (paid tutoring), and free ACT and SAT practice tests (with prompts to buy other test prep products). The scholarship search profile, while asking you for typical information to focus your search, doesn’t require you to give up your address, phone number, or date of birth—a big plus, in our estimation.

Search for scholarships:

  • Enter your name, email address, and create a password. Click START.
  • Enter gender, state, GPA, test scores, and majors and colleges you’re interested in. Click NEXT.
  • Enter financial need, religious affiliation, and any other personal circumstances that apply. Click NEXT.
  • Enter any organizations you’re affiliated with. Click SEE MATCHING SCHOLARSHIPS.

For our profile, we got a list of 155 scholarships. Each listing includes the name, award amount, application deadline, and a brief description of the scholarship. Clicking on the scholarship name brings up a page of details for that scholarship including eligibility and scholarship contact information. We’ve seen a number of these scholarships before. In fact, the first four listings are some of the usual scholarships you see listed frequently on search sites. Quite a few contests appear on the list, and some scholarships are repeated two or three times. But there are also scholarships we haven’t seen before, and the targeting of these scholarships is pretty good. You can mark your favorites by clicking on the star, which will highlight your picks on the list. The list doesn’t seem to be in order of best match, so be sure to check out later pages. Just be prepared to see a number of repeats on your list.

Although we weren’t overwhelmed with the information on High Five Scholarships (being 2/3 ad for Revolution Prep), the scholarship search doesn’t require you to surrender every last shred of personal information for an unknown future return. We got a reasonable number of scholarships on our list despite the repeats, and some of them were worth taking a closer look at. In terms of results, this isn’t the best site we’ve seen, but the scholarship list wasn’t too bad. You’ll have to weigh what you get with the fact that you don’t know who you’re dealing with in sharing your personal information with this site.

We gave High Five Scholarships 2 1/2 out of 5:

2 1/2 Mortar Board Rating