How to Find & Win Scholarships

How to Find & Win ScholarshipsFind Scholarships Online and Get a College Degree Without Drowning in Debt!

Are you a student or parent worried about how to pay for college and how much money you’ll have to borrow? Have you gone online only to find so much information you feel overwhelmed and stuck? This book gets you started by showing you the fastest and easiest way to use search tools that yield high-value results, find genuine scholarships, and avoid dead-end contests and online scams. You’ll learn how to unleash your inner entrepreneur, build a scholarship team, and use social media resources to find and win scholarships. This book motivates and shows you how to get a college degree without mortgaging your future. Get it today and graduate debt free!

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Our goal is to give you the tools to graduate college debt free.

Not convinced you want to part with your hard-earned cash? Here’s what others are saying about this book:

Suzanne Shaffer of Parents’ Countdown to College Blog:

“This is NOT your average scholarship book. While many scholarship books list the names and details of the scholarships, this book takes a different approach by providing you with the search sites and ranking them. With so many scholarship search engines available this will save your college-bound teen valuable time and energy. What makes How to Find & Win Scholarships unique is:

  • The internal links that send you directly to the search sites.
  • The scholarship search engine ratings.
  • The extensive list of scholarship search engines.
  • The step-by-step guide on how to begin your search.
  • The list of online resources related to scholarships: blogs, podcasts and videos.
  • Demographic search links (i.e. military scholarships, minority scholarships, etc.)”

Nicole Robinson of My College-Bound Baby gives this book her “Stamp of Approval.” You can read her whole review, but here’s a short excerpt: “Get a College Degree without Drowning in Debt: How to Find & Win Scholarships, was a quick, easy read. The information was practical and actionable. I liked how the authors challenge students to think of their scholarship search like their own home business. As ‘scholarship entrepreneurs,’ students create a work space, set a schedule, and enlist a team of people to help…I would recommend the book to any student who is serious about finding scholarships online.”

“This book clearly outlines the importance and VALUE of taking the time to find and apply for scholarships…There are hyperlinks to numerous resources…I highly recommend this resource to any parent or college-bound student….”Celest Horton, How to Pay for College HQ (Read Full Amazon Review)

“This book was outstanding and truly organizes the whole scholarship process in a motivating way! I am now feeling empowered and not intimidated like I was prior to this book! Thank you for breaking [it] down and giving me access to such important college information!” — Julie Davis

“…Packed in its pages is everything high school students and their parents need to start and successfully navigate the online scholarship search, from how to set up your scholarship quest as a professional business venture, use social media, and set up Google search alerts to lists of online resources, and even tips on how to avoid scams. The heart of the book is a directory of scholarship sites and apps in which each resource is described and rated for quality and effectiveness….the authors show you step by step how to invest the time and effort that can result in scholarship success. I highly recommended this book and the tools it provides.”  — Betsy Blondin (Read Full Amazon Review)

“[T]his book gets right to the meat of the scholarship searches…It specifically advocates…using a team approach and including family, friends, and co-workers who are vested in your student’s success…it promotes social media as a great tool to organize others, as opposed to letting it be a liability…Overall, an outstanding book, that is must-add to a parent’s collection before starting to search for scholarships.”  Jose “JR” Vazquez, College Money Man Podcast (Read Full Amazon Review)

“How To Find & Win Scholarships is a thoroughly researched resource for the soon-to-be graduate, parent of a college-bound senior, or anyone looking to save $$ on tuition. I wish I had had a book such as this when I attended school! Perhaps, then, I wouldn’t be like the millions of other Americans who are saddled with education debt. This ebook’s investment will pay off.” — Catherine Woods-Field

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