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Edvisors is a student marketing company operating a network of websites providing information, tools, and resources for students. Their portfolio of websites includes a lot of sites focused on student loans, not scholarships.

We clicked on the About link and landed on the Edvisors’ Student Marketing page. Under the Edvisors College Student Services heading, buried in the text, are several links to scholarship information. The “ScholarshipPoints” and “scholarship contents” links take you to the same program. You’re asked to join the Edvisors’ ScholarshipPoints program where you earn points and then use them to be entered into Edvisors’ scholarship contests. We think these types of contests are a waste of time, but if you do decide to participate, make sure you read the fine print.

When we clicked on “scholarship search tools” on the Marketing page, we were taken to Student Scholarship Search, Edvisors’ scholarship search engine, which has its own website.

In terms of finding scholarships, we found it time consuming to click through a series of links buried in articles to get what turned out to be minimally helpful information. Just skip this site entirely in your search for scholarships and go directly to for exactly the same search feature without all the clicking around.

We rate Edvisors 1 out of 5:

1 Mortar Board Rating



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