CollegeScholarships Site Review

This is another scholarship search engine that requires you to complete a student Profile. Begin by clicking on the GET STARTED button. You’ll be presented with the “Create a New Profile” page. Each field with a red asterisk (*) is a required field and must be completed in order to use their search engine.

The page has four sections: Personal Information, Profile Email, Academic Info, and More Information. In the Personal Information section, you will enter your name, address, birth date, gender, phone number, and citizenship. Then enter your email address and choose a password to complete the Profile Email section. The Academic Info asks you for your current school year, year of need, high school graduation year, and GPA. In the More Information section, you can make selections for “Linked Colleges,” “Academic Majors,” “Religions,” “Ethnic Heritage,” “Disabilities,” “Clubs/Affiliations,” “Parent Clubs/Affiliations,” and “Military.” Clicking on any of these tabs will open a new window where you can select up to 6 choices.

Once you’re done, uncheck the box next to “Make my information available to scholarship programs and colleges. Keep me updated on scholarships and send me free information on colleges.” We suggest unchecking because you’ve just entered very personal information (including your name, address, and birth date). Maintaining control over who gets to see your personal information ensures better security and helps reduce the amount of spam email you will receive. Note that if you are redirected to make corrections in a field, you will have to uncheck the email box again as it will default to permitting them to send you information. Then, click the SAVE PROFILE button.

We chose to enter only the minimum required fields and had 24 scholarship results returned based on our gender and state of residence. The more information you provide will likely increase your results. When you’re reviewing your results, be sure to avoid the “AdChoices” that are interspersed within your results. They look a bit different because they are “sponsored ads” and NOT a scholarship. When you click on one of the scholarship results, you will be taken to a new page that provides detailed information on that scholarship along with a link to the funding organization’s website where you can apply. Information includes the number of awards, amount, deadline, eligibility requirements, mailing address, phone number, contact person, and their email address.

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