College Financial Aid Advice Site Review

College Financial Aid AdviceCollege Financial Aid Advice

College Financial Aid Advice was created by a team of parents in response to a lack of good scholarship information for their kids entering college. The site includes information on filing your FAFSA application, looking for scholarships and loans, tuition cost rankings, student jobs, and a few student resources such as where to get cheap books.  Although there is no scholarship search engine here, the site does have lists of scholarships by category via the links in the left- and right-hand sidebars.  Scholarships by year, popular scholarships, scholarships by major, and scholarships for minorities and women are a few of the categories to choose from. If you get weary of the drier categories, check out the “fun scholarships” listings: the duct tape scholarship, the Star Trek StarFleet Command scholarship, the left-handed scholarship, the vegetarian scholarship, and the marbles scholarship are just a taste of the fun scholarships to apply for.

College Financial Aid Advice has lots of ads and AdChoice links. Make sure you know what you’re clicking on.  But aside from that, this site has some good information, some fun stuff, no lengthy signup or information sharing, and is easy to use. A good place to start.