Helping the Helpers: The Caregiver Scholarship

Attorney Paul Giannetti Offers the Caregiver Scholarship for Students Pursuing Degrees in Massage, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Audiology, and Other Healing Arts or or

According to their website: “Time doesn’t heal all wounds. For the disabled, the journey becomes one of accommodation to a new reality. Adapting to a lifestyle they never envisioned. Beside them on this journey are the teachers and healers.

“Our firm is pleased to announce a $3,000 scholarship for those seeking education in a field related to the care of the injured and disabled. We know how valuable their skills are. Our clients tell us, and we see the results – the support and comfort these caregivers provide, long after the case is won.

“Students in any accredited program of higher education which services the injured or disabled are eligible. It’s for those pursuing a career in massage therapy, physical therapy, chiropractic, audiology and other healing arts. All we ask is that applicants tell us their story – why they chose to help those with physical ailments…

“If you know someone who is pursuing a career in helping the disabled, please pass this scholarship announcement on to them. The requirements are very few. This is intentional so as not to limit applicants by geography, school, or career path. We’d very much like to hear their story.”

Contact Info: Paul Giannetti Attorney at Law, Caregiver Scholarship, 3 Washington Square, Albany, NY 12205; email:

Deadline: July 17

Award Amount:  $3,000

Eligibility: US Citizen or authorized to work in the US; accepted to or will be attending a 2- or 4-year university or trade school; minimum 3.0 GPA. More information can be found here:

Requirements: Application form, Essay, Official High School or College Transcripts, Acceptance Letter or Proof of Enrollment from accredited university or trade school within the US, Proof of Legal Residency (e.g., Birth Certificate, Passport, Permanent Resident Card)

Application Link:

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