Internship for High School Students

Internship for High School StudentsWanted: High School Students Who Love to Write & Plan on Attending College

Are you a high school student who enjoys writing? Are you planning to attend college? Do you need an internship? The Scholarship Opportunity Blog would love to hear from you! We’re currently looking for four high school students (preferrably one freshman, one sophomore, one junior, and one senior). We’d like you to write about topics relating to issues that are important to high school students like yourself. We’re interested in hearing what you’re doing to prepare for college including:

  • Studying for and taking standardized tests (PSAT, SAT, and ACT)
  • Selection of classes and coursework
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Community service
  • Working while in school
  • Dual enrollment
  • Selecting a college
  • Applying to college
  • Paying for college
  • Finding and winning scholarships
  • How you use social media
  • Student loans and debt

We’re interested in YOUR experiences, thoughts, worries, questions, and issues you bump up against while in high school.

You would write one blog post per month on a topic of your choice. We will provide you with a professional writer and editor to polish your post prior to publication. We often receive requests from companies to review their products. While we are not paid for endorsements or reviews, we do receive these products for free. If you write an honest product review, you’ll get to keep the products for your own personal use. We think your opinion as a high school student is invaluable.

While this is a blogging internship, your photo and name will be published monthly, allowing you to gain real-world work experience and get the attention of college admissions counselors and scholarship committees. While this internship is unpaid (this year), there are perks! You’ll receive FREE:

Although we work in Vermont, our student bloggers can be located anywhere in the US. We’re looking for students who can make a one-year commitment. If you’re able to meet deadlines and want to learn how to blog and write professionally, reach out and send us an email today along with a short statement as to why this opportunity excites you.

Xerox Technical Minority Scholarships

Xerox Technical Minority ScholarshipAre You Pursuing a BS, MS, or PhD in a Technical Science? Then Check Out the Xerox Technical Minority Scholarship! or (use the Search Box to type “scholarships” then select the Xerox Minority Scholarship from the list)

Contact Info: Xerox Technical Minority Scholarship Program,150 State Street; 4th Floor, Rochester, New York 14614; email: [email protected]

Deadline: September 30

Award Amount: $1,000 to $10,000

Eligibility: Full-time student at a 4-year institution; B average or better; pursuing a BS, MS, or PhD in a technical science or an engineering discipline; Minority (Black, Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American, Alaskan, or Hispanic); and have tuition (or tuition related) expenses not covered by scholarships/grants (excluding loans).

Requirements: Online Application, Resume (you’ll need an electronic version; see sample here), the email address of the Financial Aid Officer at your school, cumulative GPA

Application Link: (click “Begin Your Application”) or

To apply, follow each of the steps listed below:
Step 1: Fill out the top of the attached Xerox Technical Minority Scholarship application.
(Applications may also be obtained on our web site
Step 2: Have the Financial Aid Office fill out the bottom half of the form. Xerox will not
forward applications to the Financial Aid Office. If received incomplete, applicant will
be disqualified.
Step 3: Attach a copy of your resume. Feel free to use the sample format which
indicates their requirements. The sample resume should not be returned with the
Step 4: Submit the complete package (ONLY COMPLETED APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED) to the above address postmarked before September 30
For more information check out their “Dear Applicant” letter or the scholarship FAQs.

10 Ways to Maximize Your Last Summer as a High School Student

Maximize Your Summer

Have Fun AND Use Your Last Summer as a High School Student to Reduce Your Senior Stress!

School’s almost out for the summer, and while it’s important to savor the well-deserved break and engage in social activities, it’s also crucial to use the next few months to get a jump start on essential tasks before being swept up in Senior-year activities. This will help you get a step ahead and make your transition into the fall semester a smooth one while minimizing feelings of overwhelm as you head into college application process.

  1. Have a Discussion with Your Parents About Paying for College—Are you afraid to ask your parents if you will need to apply for financial aid? With tuition rates soaring and the current state of our economy, discussing financial aid and your family’s financial concerns with your parents has never been more important. Knowing how much money you’ll need to contribute will help you make a plan to raise the money by the time your first tuition bill is due. Need some help? Check out this great post to get started.
  2. Learn How to Find and Win Scholarships—Did you know that devoting yourself to finding and applying for scholarships as a part-time job can pay up to $66 an hour? We’ve run the numbers and can prove it’s true. You can read our ebook on how to do this (it’s a fast and easy read!) or get extra help by joining a small group of like-minded students for one hour a week in a Skype chat workshop.
  3. Assemble Your Scholarship Portfolio So You Can Hit the Ground Running in the Fall—This is super important because when you apply for scholarships, the sponsoring organization will request certain documents from you, which must be submitted with your application by their deadline. If you’ve created and assembled your documents ahead of time, you can apply immediately, never miss a deadline, and submit dozens (dare I say hundreds?) of scholarship applications. Being “scholarship ready” by your senior year is critical because you’ll be absorbed by  college applications, leaving little time for procuring much-needed scholarships. Learn what documents should be in your Scholarship Portfolio here and if you need extra help, you can always sign up for a Skype class to get help writing and editing standout documents.
  4. Volunteer with an Organization You Feel Good About or that Works in a Field that You Want to Study or Work In—By now you’ve likely engaged in community service throughout your high school career. This is important because scholarship committees look for students who give back to their communities. After all, that’s what these organizations do when they offer scholarships! If you haven’t volunteered, start this summer and make a commitment for a year. Here’s a great list of volunteering ideas.
  5. Get a Part-Time Job—While part-time jobs are unlikely won’t pay you $66 an hour, they will look great on your resume. Plus, scholarship committees like to support and award scholarships to students who make an effort to earn their own money for college. As a bonus, you can ask your supervisor and coworkers for the critical Letters of Recommendation you’ll need!
  6. Clean up your Social Media Accounts and/or Set Up New Social Media Accounts to be Used Exclusively for Your College and Scholarship SearchA recent study from Kaplan has found that 31% of college admission officers check social media to see if an applicant would make a good fit and 12% of colleges report rejecting an applicant because of what they discovered on social media. These numbers are growing every year. These are sobering numbers and I strongly suggest spending time this summer reviewing and revising your social media accounts or putting in place tight privacy settings. The other option is to open brand new social media accounts that you can use to show yourself in the best possible light to colleges and scholarship committees. 
  7. Get Letters of Recommendation (You’ll Need Several for College and Scholarship Applications)—Recommendation letters from people who know you and your work well—give scholarship committees a glimpse into your strengths, your qualities, your personality, and your accomplishments. These letters can often be the difference between winning a scholarship and having to try again next year. Summer is a great time to request Recommendation Letters because people are more relaxed and have more free time available. Start reaching out to people early in the summer because it can often take a month or two to get the letter you need! Here’s a few tips on how to get a great letter!
  8. Assemble Your Scholarship Team—Successful entrepreneurs never go it alone. They build a team to help them achieve their company’s vision and mission. If you’re in need of scholarships, your vision is to pay for college and graduate debt-free. Your mission is to win scholarships. The bigger your team is, the faster and easier you’ll achieve both. As the old saying goes, “Many hands make light work.” So use the summer to build your team.
  9. Create a Personal Website—Creating a personal or professional website is a great way to tell your story. Showcasing your work and portfolio is an excellent project to take on this summer. Start your own YouTube, channel, blog, or buy a domain name to post your resume and samples of your clips. When applying for scholarships, college, internships or jobs, having a website dedicated to your work will help you stand out. Here are two great posts from one of my favorite blogs, The Daily Muse: Build a Personal Website in a Week and 14 Stunning Ways to Build Your Personal Website This Week.
  10. Take Time Out to Relax and Recharge—The importance of taking time off from work cannot be overstated. I’ve had to learn this lesson over and over again but I finally understand that when I take time for self-care, time to rest and recharge, I get more done in less time. Here are some ideas from another favorite blogging team, Marc and Angel: 9 Ways to Feel Less Stress When Life Gets Crazy Busy.

School is out for the summer in less than 4 weeks (at least here in Vermont). Now is a good time to plan your summer activities to achieve maximum results and reduce the feelings and stress that go along with being a Senior next year. How will you spend your last summer before becoming a Senior? I’d love to hear your thoughts…

PlasticPlace Environmental Scholarship

Plastic Place ScholarshipThe Plastic Place Green Scholarship for Academic Excellence, and Environmental Activism and Advocacy

This week’s Featured Scholarship was brought to our attention by Ben Lam of PlasticPlace. He reached out to let us know about this $1,500 scholarship his company is offering. It’s rare that a sponsoring organization contacts us to help get the word out to students about a scholarship opportunity but we love it when they do! or (scroll down page to “Tools & Services” heading and click The PlasticPlace Scholarship link)

Contact:  687 Prospect Street, Suite 450, Lakewood, NJ 08701; Phone: 877.343.2247; email: [email protected]

Deadline:  July 1

Award Amount: $1,500

Eligibility:  Incoming students for fall of 2015, US Citizens, average SAT score of 1070 and average GPA of 3.5 or above. This scholarship is merit-based not based on financial need.

Requirements: Application Sheet (you will write), an Essay on the stated topic below (80 to 1,500 words), and an Official Transcript

How to Apply:

Application requirements:

  • Student must complete his/her own application.
  • Before scholarship will be awarded, all information submitted will be verified.
  • If ANY false information is submitted on the application, the student will be disqualified.
  • Provide an official copy of academic transcript from current school.

 Fill out the following (This is Your Application Sheet):

  • Full Name
  • Home Street Address
  • City, State, Zip Code
  • Home Phone (with area code)
  • Email Address
  • Parent/Guardian Name (If under 18)
  • Parent/Guardian Contact Number (If under 18)
  • Anticipated date of Graduation (Month/Year)

Essay Topic:

The Health and Safety of Landfills:   Landfills are at historic capacity levels. According to the EPA, the U.S. has more than 3,000 landfills in use, and over 10,000 old municipal landfills. Americans generate 250 million tons of garbage annually, and some reports show up to 400 million tons. Only about 10% of all solid garbage in the U.S. gets recycled.

Here’s what should be covered in the essay:

  • Two-sided argument on the topic.
  • Research on the relevant health and safety issues.
  • Your determination if the current trajectory is sustainable.

Special Offer for Blog Subscribers

Special Offer GiftI’ve been blogging on Scholarship Opportunity for three years now. And, honestly, there have been times where it felt as if I’m just writing for myself and Google. But over the last few months, I’m seeing new blog subscribers almost every day and it’s thrilling to know you’re reading and learning more about scholarships. Honestly, there’s no better feeling than helping people like you find and win scholarships! When you reach out to me about a post, or our books or classes, it really lights up my day.

To celebrate and express my gratitude, I am offering Scholarship Opportunity blog subscribers a 50% discount off our “How to Find and Win Scholarships” class. The class meets every Wednesday by Skype for 1 hour and runs for 8 weeks. By having our class via Skype, you don’t need to travel for the class but can learn from the comfort of your own home.

For $300 (about the same price as 2 college textbooks), you’ll develop the skills to:

  • Find genuine scholarships
  • Conduct searches to yield high-value results to save time wading through long lists of irrelevant “matches”
  • Utilize the power of social media to find and win scholarships
  • Identify and reach out to real-life scholarship resources
  • Launch your own scholarship “start-up” and run it as your own small business
  • Find free and valuable online resources such as blogs and podcasts
  • Save time by knowing the best (and worst) scholarship search engines, web portals, and mobile apps
  • Recognize and avoid scams and dead-end contests
  • Become a scholarship and financial aid lingo guru (especially helpful when you sign documents or negotiate with the Financial Aid Office)

You’ll also receive a free copy of our How to Find & Win Scholarships book. Together, we’ll follow the proven methods in this book to successfully launch your scholarship start-up business!

Class size is limited to 6 students so if you’re interested, send me an email. Once I confirm you’re a subscriber, I’ll send you a link with a discount code for 50% off the regular $600 price. Act now because this offer ends when the class is filled.