Avoid the Student Debt Trap

The Reality of Student Debt

Before you sign off on the financial aid plan created by your college advisors or Financial Aid Office, and before you agree to borrow from federal or private student loan organizations, we urge you to take the time to watch these short videos. They will inspire you to avoid student debt and develop your scholarship business! Watching these videos may make the difference between a lifetime of debt and the freedom to pursue the your dream career

Of course, we hope the resources we share on our blog, and in our books and classes will help you to avoid the student loan debt so many current college graduates are burdened with. Our goal is to help you get a college degree by helping you find and win scholarships. We want to see you be able to make career and life choices based on what you want, not on what pays the monthly student loan bill.

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Scholarslip: A Documentary about the Student Debt Crisis

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