Are Scholarships Worth It?

Are Scholarships Worth It?

We decided to investigate what the best way to pay-off student loan debt is. We tracked down the numbers to discover the average student loan debt for US students, the average salary for a part-time undergraduate job, and the average starting salary for a full-time job after graduation. We looked at the amount of time it takes to apply for scholarships and figured out how many scholarships you need to win in order to cover your student loan debt. Are scholarships worth it? Here’s what we discovered:

Are Scholarships Worth It



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A self-employed educational consultant and publisher for 30 years, I returned to college as a nontraditional, first-generation student. I've spent the last 10 years learning how to find and win scholarships so I can share successful techniques with you. My wish is for you to graduate without drowning in student debt or mortgaging your future.

5 thoughts on “Are Scholarships Worth It?

  1. Thank you Gyan for sharing this info graphic! It is so helpful to really help people understand that the work tied to applying for scholarships is well rewarded! I have shared this to my friends and family as well.

    • Thanks for your kind and encouraging words, Celest. This is the first infographic I’ve created and it was inspired by your interview/podcast. I think it quickly demonstrates to students and their families the value of their time. So many believe that getting scholarships is too much work yet fail to realize that their investment in time pays far better than any job will.

    • Thank you for your kind words. This was the first infographic I did and I love how easily complex information can be communicated through graphics. Thank you for sharing it through your social media accounts too! I just followed you on Pinterest and Twitter. Looking forward to future conversations on a topic we both love — helping students find scholarships to fund their college degree.

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